Tournament Schedule

Gravenhurst Classic - Tournament Rules of Play

1) All teams’ rosters must be approved by Devin Morley, Chris Halford, or Jesse Sangster before your first game. (Devin will be at the wharf, Chris and Jesse will be at the Bay)

2) For all players to be eligible for playoffs you must have played at least 2 games or 10 innings.

3) No new inning will be started after 1 hour 15mins of play. If umpire calls last inning due to time, that inning will be considered the “open” inning. Drop dead time will be 1hr 30mins

4) All playoff games WILL play the full 7 inning game regardless of time.

5) Teams must have a minimum of 7 players to start and finish the game. Short teams may pick up to 9 players 1 player who must back catch.

6) There are NO substitutions during game play. The team you start the game with is the team you finish the game with exception of an injury.

5) Home team doesn’t get last bat if ahead in score at the end of the game. Game will be called when home team scores game winning run.

6) 5 runs per inning max, 7 innings if time allows. Last inning called or natural is “open” runs.

7) Any ties in standings will use Devin Morley’s tie breaking system.

8) Courtesy Runners: 3 per game – MUST be a different runner each time.

9) Anticipation steps are allowed once the ball crosses the plate or the bat is swung.

10) There is a 14 run mercy rule any time after 4 completed innings in all games. If the home team mercy’s the visiting team, the home team doesn’t bat in the bottom of the 4th.

11) Both team reps are to sign the umpire score pad that the score the umpire has is the same on both scoresheets. The team reps then see Roy or Devin to post the score.

12) Any protests of any kind will be brought forward to the Tournament Convenor. Protesting team must give $100 cash to the Convenor along with team name, division, diamond, time and reason for protest. If protest is successful the money is returned and if not upheld than they re money is not refunded.

13) Bat rule. Only ASA and USSA stamped bats are allowed. All bats WILL be checked carefully and ban list will be on site. If they aren’t legal they will be not be allowed to be used during any games.

14) Home run rule is 2. Each home run hit over 2 will be an out per game.

15) If a player is injured and leaves the game, they will be skipped in the batting order but once left from the game they can NOT return in any capacity until the next game. If a player is ejected the next time that batter is due up it will be an OUT

16) Mesh rule. Any balls off the mesh are live. Any stuck in the mesh is a ground rule double.

17) Any ejection from a game the player must leave the diamond for the remainder of the game. All ejections will be immediately reviewed by the Tournament Convenor and if deemed necessary will be ejected from the tournament completely. If a team can’t field 9 players as a result they will forfeit the game and all remaining games if still unable to field 9.

18) Any intentional physical altercations (non part of the game related) resulting in injury will result in the team(s) being removed from the tournament with no refund.

19) The Tournament Convenor, umpire, staff and volunteers aren’t responsible for anyone drinking and their actions as a result outside of the ball field and stands.

20) Any rule not listed above is standard SPN rule, and all umpire's decisions are final. Devin Morley or Roy French has final decision on any disputes/discrepancies.

21) Everyone plays at least 1 playoff game

22) Ties in playoffs will be an additional inning starting with a runner on 2nd with 1 out

Score system

2 points for a win

1 point for a tie

Plus 14 is max per game